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        Fujian Huayin Aluminium Co., LTD.


        Fujian Huayin Aluminium Co., LTD., for nanping aluminium close associated enterprises, non-ferrous metal industry in fujian province, fujian industrial enterprise 300 strong, hundreds of key industrial enterprises in fujian province, in 2016 won the second session of nanping city quality prize. Now has aluminum extrusion molding, casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum alloy ingot processing four categories of leading products, production capacity of 50000 tons of aluminum deep processing aluminum casting, aluminum extrusion, "industrial chain. Products are widely used in building materials, automobile transportation and other industries, building materials, automobile motorcycle, communications equipment, agricultural machinery, electronics, lamps lighting, hardware accessories, rail transportation, national defense). At present in car aluminum structure, household appliances, rail transportation, solar lamps and lanterns of areas such as form a domestic leading supplier of aluminum products, products are exported to many countries and regions, obtain the l customs AEO certification enterprises, general alibaba international standing gold suppliers. Aluminum alloy extrusion profiles for fujian famous brand products, "fujian aluminum" brand casting alloy ingot for fujian famous brand products, "fujian xin" aluminum extrusion profiles loaded public construction projects in fujian province a product catalog, in 2015 aluminum extrusion profiles product loaded army supplier product library.

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