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        Fujian Nanping Aluminium Co., LTD.


         Fujian Nanping Aluminium Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") was founded in 1992, is located in fuzhou luoyuan bay economic development zone, covers an area of 160 mu, a registered capital of 120 million yuan, senior specializing in indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, civil engineering design and construction; Design, production, manufacture and installation of aluminium alloy doors and Windows, curtain walls, plastic steel doors and Windows, aluminium alloy products, aluminium templates, steel structures, fire-resistant Windows and fire-resistant Windows; Stone production, processing and installation. Company well-equipped, advanced technology, with first-rank architectural curtain wall project specialized contracting, construction decoration project specialized contracting grade, building curtain wall engineering design qualification grade etc. Strong design and construction strength.

        The company adheres to the scientific development, strengthens the party construction work, realizes the same trade multivariate surpasses the development. Three production and processing bases, namely haixi economic center (fujian), northern economic center (Beijing) and western economic center (chongqing), will be built to build a marketing pattern that echoes the north and the south. Annual output of 1 million square meters built curtain wall processing elements, the annual output of 800000 square meters of Windows and doors curtain wall processing production line, annual output of 100000 square meters of aluminum wood composite window, was awarded the "fujian province standardization building outside the window processing base" pilot enterprises. In 2015, the company invested in the construction of "fujian southern aluminum mold technology co., LTD."; In 2016, a joint venture was established with chinalco to build "chinalco south aluminum (fujian) aluminum structure technology development co., LTD.".

        Company gravity innovation agglomeration advantages. Implementing innovation drive, the new products, new technology, new technology into the design, development and use of the project, on the basis of traditional Windows and doors, curtain wall products, develop and promote the concept of green, energy saving, environmental protection unit curtain wall, the photovoltaic curtain wall, aluminum formwork, aluminum bridge, full aluminium plant room, fresh air system, doors and Windows, solar railings, doors and Windows and lisa system high quality products, "made in China" flood control artifact, aluminium alloy pedestrian overpass in fujian at the first try. Companies rely on professional design concept, the innovative concept of foresight and rich building decoration engineering construction experience, high-quality high-speed to complete large building decoration engineering strength of professional team, build up a large number of high, refined, sharp large industrial, utilities, housing and decoration engineering, higher quality, more personality, better quality of urban architecture fashion boutique.

        The company is committed to integrity to create a win-win situation. Through quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system certification, with doors and Windows, curtain wall, such as 45 patents, is the aluminum alloy doors and Windows, outside the building doors and Windows, wind resistance, airtight, watertight classification and detection method "and so on a number of national standards and the construction curtain wall project quality acceptance procedure of fujian province, fujian province, the civil building outside the window of fujian province engineering technical specifications" and "technical specification for aluminium alloy template main drafting unit. Company carried out to the customer, enterprise, society every promise, give fujian province famous trademark "south aluminum" brand rich connotation, has won the China construction curtain wall project top 50 enterprises, the national outstanding curtain wall enterprise, the star of the "top" Chinese architecture building decoration is the most competitive force ten strong enterprise, the construction of fujian province advanced enterprises, provincial China credit enterprises, provincial construction of enterprise credit evaluation AAA grade credit enterprise "and other honors.

        Persistence comes from inheriting excellence, and take-off starts from pioneering and forging ahead. Company take the market as the guide, is committed to build a service-oriented enterprises, large and medium-sized cities in western coastal and set up more than 20 branches, the high-quality service radiation national market, won the wanda, China resources, and, in the pay, vanke, longhu, new hualian, the red star us triumphant dragon, is glorious, Shanghai world trade, poly, field, Chinese and foreign well-known large companies such as China, xiamen c&d group of qualified supplier qualification and establish strategic cooperative relations. While the share of the domestic market continues to increase, we will actively explore overseas markets and seize opportunities overseas, so as to enable our enterprises to continue to develop in the fierce competition.

        With the rhythm of building green, the company is committed to creating classics for customers, creating value for enterprises and building harmony for the society. All colleagues of the company are willing to go hand in hand with friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow.

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