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        Nanping Aluminium (Chengdu) Co., LTD.


        Nanping Aluminium (Chengdu) Co., LTD. ,invested by fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD., wholly owned, is located in chengdu, sichuan province chung city industrial development zone, covers an area of 500 mu, plans to invest 1 billion yuan, after the output value of 3 billion yuan/year. Company specializing in the production of high precision compound aluminum profile, the main products include electronic information, transportation, machinery manufacturing, IT photovoltaic solar industry such as the required high precision industrial aluminum profile and needed for the construction, decoration, furniture and other industries in the aluminum profile, high-end building (including anodic oxidation, powder coating, electrophoresis, heat insulation, wood and other surface treatment).

        Nanping aluminum aluminum profile (chengdu) co., LTD., the overall planning of annual production capacity of 10-150000 tons, nearly 30 built in aluminum alloy profile extrusion production lines and imported Italian vertical spraying line, vertical electrophoresis line imported from Japan, heat insulation, such as wood grain surface treatment production line. At the same time, also built the profile deep processing and mold processing production line. The company will start production in September 2011 and complete construction within 3-5 years.

        Nanping aluminium (chengdu) co., LTD in fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. Will fully rely on science and technology, the advantages of the brand, talents, and parent form product series of complementary advantages, to further strengthen the "fujian aluminum" brand influence in the markets in western China, to promote the leaping development of western China to do more contribution.

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