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        Corporate honors:

        In February 2013, it was listed as a "high-tech enterprise".

        In July 2013, nan lu bandai company was awarded the "national contract abiding and credit enterprise".

        In October 2013, it was awarded "advanced enterprise of quality management" in fujian province.

        In April 2014, it was listed as the first batch of enterprises of "aluminum industry standard conditions" by the ministry of industry and information technology of China.

        In June 2014, the fujian provincial economic and information technology commission awarded the "excellent provincial enterprise technology center" to nal.

        In July 2014, it was listed as "leading enterprise in implementing trademark strategy" in fujian province.

        In January 2015, it was awarded "AAA credit rating enterprise of China nonferrous metal industry".

        In May 2015, it was listed as "fujian province circular economy demonstration enterprise list".

        In August 2015, it was listed as "fujian province intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise".

        In August 2015, the company was listed as "China's top 50 building curtain wall project".

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