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        Fujian nanping aluminum co. LTD

        Enterprise business card

        -- one of the top ten aluminum profile production enterprises in China, one of the leading aluminum processing enterprises in China and a large state-owned enterprise

        -- the largest aluminum profile manufacturer in the industry chain of aluminum smelting, aluminum casting, aluminum profile (mould design and manufacturing) and aluminum profile engineering in China

        -- the national high-tech enterprise and enterprise technology center recognized by the state

        -- one of the main drafting units of national aluminum alloy building profiles, which mainly drafted the national standards for thermal insulation profiles (energy-saving aluminum profiles)

        -- national GB5237 "aluminum alloy building profiles" experimental research and development base, the central laboratory obtained CNAS certificate, for national accreditation laboratory

        -- the largest number of national patents for new product design and appearance utility models of aluminium alloy building profiles in China

        -- national May Day labor award units

        -- a national advanced unit for building spiritual civilization

        -- national green community

        -- national units that abide by contracts and attach great importance to credit

        -- the enterprises that pay the most tax on the products of aluminum profiles in China

        --the national aluminum processing industry the first construction aluminum double certifications of ISO9001 quality system and aluminum alloy enterprise, the first to establish the quality, environment, occupational health and safety integrated management system (QEO) aluminum enterprises, and access to national measurement management system certification.

        -- the enterprise with the most abundant surface treatment varieties of aluminum alloy building profiles and advanced technology of extrusion and surface treatment

        -- one of the 100 key enterprises in fujian province, the leading enterprise of fujian aluminum profile

        -- one of the main drafting units of fujian aluminum alloy building doors and Windows engineering technical regulations

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