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        Fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "nanping aluminium") formerly known as fujian nanping aluminium factory, founded in 1958, now is one of the national top ten aluminum production enterprise, is the present domestic only with "enterprise technology centers recognized by the state", "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise", "national innovative enterprises" honor aluminum of large state-owned enterprises, listed by the national ministry of "two fusion to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction of pilot demonstration enterprise", "industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise", for "the second session of fujian provincial government quality prize", list the national "quality" benchmarking enterprises. The registered capital of nanping aluminum industry is 1028.7 million yuan, with 5,200 employees (including subordinate enterprises) and annual sales revenue of over 6 billion yuan.

        Nanping aluminum industry practices the business philosophy of "steady development and long-term pursuit" and strives for change. Now has yearly produces 150000 tons of aluminum industry chain (pre-baked anode aluminum electrolytic aluminum casting < cast-rolling > - aluminum processing  mould, aluminum, aluminum strip - aluminum deep processing), including aluminum casting, aluminum processing capacity of more than 200000 tons/year, leading products for aluminum. The aluminum processing capacity of nanping aluminum (chengdu) co., which is under construction, will exceed 300,000 tons after its annual production of 100,000 tons of aluminum profiles. The main technical equipment of the enterprise is advanced. At present, aluminum profile industry chain scale, brand construction, scientific and technological innovation, standard formulation, energy conservation and emission reduction, management information and other aspects are in the forefront of the industry.

        With more than 350 patents for invention, appearance and utility models approved by the state intellectual property office, nanping aluminum industry has the largest number of patents in the aluminum profile industry. 

        There are 4 national key new products and 13 provincial or ministerial science and technology and new products awards; It is one of the main drafting units of GB5237 "aluminum alloy building profiles" test and development base and national standard of aluminum alloy building profiles.

        Nanping aluminium now national May Day labor diploma unit, national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction, national advanced unit for equipment management, national guard contract, heavy credit unit, the national standardization good behavior enterprise, national energy-saving advanced collective, national green community; Fujian advanced grass-roots party organizations, provincial best credit enterprises, provincial enterprise culture construction demonstration units, provincial harmonious enterprises.

        Address: no. 65, industrial road, nanping city, fujian province Zip 

        code: 353000 tel: 0599-8732847


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