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        Steady development and long-term pursuit

        "National Certified Enterprise Technology Center", "National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise", "National Innovative Enterprise" and other honorable state-owned large aluminum profile enterprises
        Fujian nanping aluminium co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "nanping aluminium") formerly known as fujian nanping aluminium factory, founded in 1958, now is one of the national top ten aluminum production enterprise, is the present domestic only with "enterprise technology centers recognized by the state", "national torch plan key high-tech enterprise", "national innovative enterprises" honor aluminum of large state-owned enterprises,
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          Founded in 1958

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          4 subordinate enterprises

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          There are more than 5200 employees.

        The progressive south aluminum truth-seeking, pragmatic and steady Development Development record of fujian nanping aluminum co., LTD Nanping aluminum is now one of the top ten aluminum extruders in China (ranking third in comprehensive strength). Aluminum industrial scale in the first place in the domestic same type enterprise, now has annual output of 75000 tons full aluminium industry chain (electrolytic aluminum - aluminum casting,
        Qualified national top 10 aluminum profile production enterprises, national leading aluminum processing enterprises, large state-owned enterprises...
        In February 2013, it was listed as a "high-tech enterprise".
        In July 2013, nan lu bandai company was awarded the "national contract abiding and credit enterprise".
        In October 2013, it was awarded "advanced enterprise of quality management" in fujian province.
        In April 2014, it was listed as the first batch of enterprises of "aluminum industry standard conditions" by the ministry of industry and information technology of China.
        In June 2014, the fujian provincial economic and information technology commission awarded the "excellent provincial enterprise technology center" to nalv
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